Monday 12th of Nov

Cold yet beautiful morning this morning. Had a snow storm over the weekend and looks like Winter is here again. Cold days ahead until March. Started off at 0 degrees this morning. Glad I’m inside a warm house however since my dad keeps it at a balmy 65 it’s just a little chilly inside. Going to start writing again on my 10th book. I’m hoping I can find some marketing advice from someone and/or fans!! I read about a give away book promotion but since I’m broke like the goverment can’t really really afford to get started on a give away. Well happy Monday everyone!!




I suffer with depression. It has been an awful year for me and my depression really has taken control over me as of late. I really love writing as you may have read in my books, but lately I really have lost the motivation to write. I have the internal burning and want to write but things have gone awry over the last month; however things are starting to look up. I really hope you’ll pray for me and please let me know if you have bought, downloaded a sample, or even read my books and please tell me what you think. Thank you!



Good morning tumblrville! Beautiful day here in Northern Colorado. Last day of 80+ temps as a cold front is moving in and we’re going to drop in 20-30 degrees. Winter is around the corner! Happy day!!


Human nature in question!!

Why do humans have to steal from each other? My ebay account was hacked for the 2nd time in a week and thankfully I got my money back the 1st time last week, but then today it was hacked for the 2nd time!! WTH man??!! Now I have to wait until the dust settles and hopefully I get my money back!! I’m on a fixed income, I don’t have Romney money to lose!! I have bills and a family to support!!



Everyone or anyone remember the line in the Disney movie “Robin Hood” it’s 4 o’clock and all is well? I’m saying the same thing for the last 2 hours!! I’m suffering insomnia!! Well back to finish my 7th book…shooting to publish it tomorrow on Smashwords. Have a great day Tumblrville!! :)


Hello Tumblr

Hello!! I’m Joe and I’m new to Tumblr. I’m also a writer and I have published 6 books; I would like to invite you to check out my work on Thank you!! I look forward to daily posts and thoughts to be posted here! :)

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